Smart Life With Brent Shoes

Most Indian manufacturers of quality products take pride in the fact that they export to global brands worldwide.

  • We do, too.
  • After all, we are the third generation in this business.
  • Yet, times are changing.
  • Thinking and perceptions are changing.

Time was when an India made, choicest, most luxurious, top of the line handbags or shoes were available only in European stores at astronomical price.

Same was the case with, say Indian tea like Darjeeling tea. Such instances are countless. For best products from India one had to buy it from fancy stores abroad.

We, at Brent Shoes, have made a firm commitment to make available top of the line global products with contemporary designs to our domestic market at a fraction of the global prices.

It helps that we are very well versed in leather and leather products for generations. The management is young dynamic and tech savvy with excellent managerial skills. Production is in-house, right from raw material to final product. The factory is state of the art. For this we are tapping the might of internet.

Why Leather Shoes?

  • A few facts on the advantages of wearing leather footwear for the benefit of the general public.
  • Leather has invisible pores in hot weather, when we walk and sweat, the heat from our feet evaporates through invisible pores in leather and keeps our feet cool. Leather keeps our feet odourless. Leather has important qualities like flexibility, porosity, mouldability, pliability and thermal conductivity. It adapts itself to the shape of our feet giving them maximum support and comfort.
  • Footwear made of non-leather materials does not possess these beneficial qualities. Leather footwear thus protects and keeps our feet healthy.